A Water Treadmill is a scientifically proven method to assist in the rehabilitation and pre-training of Horses. By utilising the resistance and buoyancy of water, the water treadmill allows Horses to exercise in a low impact environment whilst still allowing the horses muscles, tendons and ligaments to build and strengthen.

  • Improves performance

  • Encourages soft tissue mobilisation

  • Develops core strength

  • Reduces recovery time from some injuries by 50-60%

  • Improves muscle tone and strength

  • Reduces weight bearing by 40-60% when used with greater water depth

  • Hydrostatic pressure assists circulation and reduces swelling

  • Improves length of stride

  • Reduces concussion

  • Improves fitness and stamina

  • Improves flexibility and suppleness

  • Promotes muscle development

  • Encourages lateral flexion of the back



Heart of the Ocean




Molto Veloce


Our Water Treadmill is a popular training option for:


- Horses that are recovering from injuries (tendons, ligaments, shin splints etc)


- Horses that need to strengthen and develop before a racing season.


- Horses that need to maintain condition and fitness (both mental and physical) during a break. 

 + more.

Horses love to be in the water. They relax into the routine within days and enjoy the low stress environment our treadmill provides. 



Feel free to contact us to discuss how our Water Treadmill could benefit your horse!